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ARKO is a retractable cover system custom made to protect against sun and rain and is affixed to a supporting wall. It consists of a laminate wood structure and a folding canvas that can come in a variety of colors.

ARKO has guaranteed wind resistance of grade 6 on the Beaufort scale (above class 3 – UNI EN 13561). The canvas, made from exclusive Corradi Eclissi* fabric,is an opaque laminated PVC and has a side embossed with weft effect.

The fabric is supported by intermediate supporting tubes and terminal bars set parallel to one another. The canvas moves by sliding on the side tracks on carriers with 6 asymmetrical wheels with a capacity of about 1000 lbs each. The toothed transmission belt has stainless steel cables and resists a saline environment. The transmission belt is inserted in each side track, controlled by the drive pulley and a single drive shaft that guarantees the smooth movement of the canvas. The ARKO system is set in motion by a radio-controlled motor.

Arko Spec Sheet
Arko_1 (1).jpg
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